“I paid 60k, asked you to add 8k” – Nigerian man embarrasses lady as he counters accusations of being broke on date

A Nigerian man has taken to X, formerly Twitter, to expose a lady who called him out and accused him of being broke, while also claiming that he calculated their bills on a date...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

According to the lady, the said man, during her date, calculated the bills for the meal they both ate.

She posted on her media page, “I hate being on a table with a guy that calculates everything. If you don’t have money, stay at home pls… it’s fvcking embarrassing.”

Not long after, the said man, who she went on a date with, posted text on his social media handle, explaining that the said lady couldn’t even afford to pay the sum of 8k after he paid about 60k for their food worth 68k.

He said, “To start with @simplegbemi, we both know the date idea was yours, proof dey! Or you thought I wouldn’t see this? The whole bill was 68k, I paid 60k and asked you to add 8k.”

“Obviously, your problem isn’t me recalculating the bill, it’s the 8,350 you added. Your reply was, ‘it’s fine I’m cool with it.’ But you come dey rant online, no be say you really fine sef, with the strands of hair wey dey your jaw lmao. You wey I be wan just wan manage for Q1.”

The response of the man attracted more attention on social media, with many people taking to the comment page of the post to share their observations.

See some reactions below: 

@XBrianDennis: “Who gave you the audacity to ask a broke girl for 8k? Do you know how many months of data that money will buy her?”

@ElvincineA: “Question ..so nah just 8k she add on 60k for date wey she initiate …why broke girls proud like this abeg?”

@Oluomoofderby: “Next time share the bills mate……..It’s 2024. Our women need to start sharing bills on dates. Enough is Enough. Every kobo counts.”

@Wizarab10: “True true, wetin you do no good. Person dey battle poverty all her life, you say make she add 8k. You no know say fear of God enter am? Na Janary breakfast she drop like that so.”

@kayzywizzzy: “No mind am, person weay ask me for 5k I send am finish she say why I no add charges, say I dey act broke, I go drop receipts if she talk nonsense, person weay dey ment.”

@dboutcert: “If this is true I am not surprised. It is how I exactly imagined. Some certain women are not ok upstairs someone paid 60k out of the bill you can’t even help with 8k????‍????????‍???? alatenuje. And as for you, you are mumu and a simp it’s her date Idea but you are the one paying.”


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