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I will Start Asking Guys Out For Love If They Refuse to Ask Me Out

A 27-year-old Nigeria lady has bemoaned her inability to find love at her age despite looking beautiful and presentable. The worried lady who lamented on a radio program in Kano said in all her life, she has never had a boyfriend. Continue Reading...CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

She said all her mate clocking three to four years at their husband’s house while she remain lonely.

She said in a bid to find a solution to her problem, her father took her to see a spiritual doctor who told her that her situation is beyond the physical. She said despite seeing the doctor, her condition has not changed, and she has now resolved to ask guys around for love as she can’t continue in that situation.

Do you have any advise for the young lady on what she can do? kindly drop your suggestions by commenting below. 

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