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‘I’m a motoring expert – a simple ratio can determine if a car will be good looking’

The motoring dealership Jardine Motors has revealed the best-looking car brands currently selling in the UK, according to motorists……CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

According to a study conducted by Moneybarn, only 32 percent of UK drivers think the design of a car is important, however nearly half believe they represent their owner’s personality.

A spokesperson from Jardine Motors noted the way many cars are styled is based on a golden ratio.

They explained: “The ancient golden ratio has been used historically to measure something, or someone’s beauty by its, or their proportions. Using the formula, we can find out how aesthetic a car is scientifically to the public eye by calculating its width against its height.

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“The closer the decimal is to the golden ratio’s calculation of 1.61803398875, the more attractive the car is stylistically. And with cars varying in lengths and sizes across brands and models, this will determine, scientifically, if the most attractive car brand matches the public opinion.”

According to UK motorists, the most attractive-looking car brand is Audi, with Jardine Motors noting the sleek TT coupe is the closest to the golden ratio, at 1.354.

Whilst the Audi TT is no longer in production, over 7,500 were sold in Europe during 2020, making it exclusive despite being a part of the company’s range since 1999.

Despite having a wide range of cars, Audis follow similar styling cues, including a large, octagonal grille, sleek headlamps, and a large, flat bonnet.

Jardine Motors’ spokesperson noted Audi’s success with motorists proves the golden ratio still works for good car design.

They added: “While all these cars are close to the perfect golden ratio, one comes out on top. The Audi is the most attractive car brand, not only by public opinion but also according to science, and it is the sleek, sporty Audi TT which clinches first place.

“The golden ratio has determined that this is scientifically one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars and, by extension, the drivers must be too.”

Jardine Motors also noted BMW is often well-regarded for its styling, particularly highlighting parts of their designs such as the two ‘kidney-grilles’ are incredibly distinctive to the brand.

Drivers are particularly fond of the BMW 3-Series saloon and estate, selling more than 111,000 models in Europe in 2021.

Other car companies noted for their excellent styling include Ford, with the Focus featuring a positive golden ratio of 1.251, and Mercedes Benz which produces the C-Class, which the organisation states has an excellent ratio of 1.292.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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