“‘It’s been 2 weeks, still no single customer” – Lady who opened makeup studio cries out

A lady known as @haphiez_glam has opened up about the disheartening challenges she has encountered since she opened her makeup studio....ALSO PROCEED READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Despite her high hopes and aspirations, the lady has found herself grappling with the painful reality of attracting customers, leading to financial difficulties and increased pressure from licensing authorities.

The make-up artist shared her struggles, revealing that two weeks after opening her makeup studio, she has yet to attract any customers seeking her professional makeup services.

To compound her challenges, regulatory authorities, such as the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), are pressing for financial obligations that she is currently unable to meet.

“It’s two weeks since I opened up my makeup studio, no customers yet, but license guys want to close it, KCCA wants money for rubbish that I don’t even have yet y’all didn’t warn us about self-employment!,” the lady wrote.

In response to @haphiez_glam’s sharing of her struggles, netizens has rallied behind her, offering words of encouragement and support.

Many empathized with her situation, acknowledging the inherent challenges that come with starting a new business.

Netizens Reactions…

@jerabrenda reacted; “Close that shop, work mobile. Make arrangements with photo studios, when I client wants photoshoot, you jump in. Look for them!”

@Anna Annabel reacted; “Just keep praying God z never early and His never too early but when he works u will be surprised and say I have received too much than what I asked 4.

@Fire fox reacted; “I feel you, just like I opened up ma ka boutique in 3weeks no customer and on top of that thieves broke in and went away with my ka capital.”

@Jamme said; “Self employment is the hardest path to real success. It’s full of lessons that shape you to the final line stay strong for ntng comes on a silver platter.”

@Dinah Khalifah said; “A young lady trying to make her own money and fight for a brighter future, mungu akutelemu obwangu. Don’t give up.” 

See below;

@haphiez_glamStill hopeful that all will work out Inshaa Allah????????????

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