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‘It’s not something you expect’ Chase bank user admits after following simple mailbox advice & losing $10k from account

A CHASE Bank customer has revealed almost $10,000 was drained from his account after he put his card into the mailbox...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Jack Batz was left in a state of shock after he was lured into the scam.

Chase Bank user Jack Batz was lured into a scam that saw thousands taken from his bank account
Chase Bank user Jack Batz was lured into a scam that saw thousands taken from his bank account

Batz, a college student in Peoria, Illinois, said he was told to put his card in the mail after being inundated with several calls and text messages, per the ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

The messages warned him about suspicious activity that was allegedly occurring.

Batz didn’t suspect anything strange as he thought the person on the other end of the line was a Chase worker.

He said the fraudster, purporting to be a representative, sounded convincing.

He claimed they knew details about his previous purchases and other account details.

The scammer reportedly told Batz to deactivate his card and put it in the mailbox.

More than $9,000 was withdrawn from a Chase bank branch in Waukegan – a suburb of Chicago, per cops.

But $8,400 was withdrawn from inside the outlet meaning a branch worker handed the money over.

The money was taken out of the account even though the scammers withdrawing it didn’t have any ID belonging to Batz.

Batz said: “It’s not something you expect that would happen.” He has revealed that all the funds have been returned.

A Chase spokesperson told The U.S. Sun: “We urge all consumers to ignore phone, text, or internet requests for money or access to their computer or bank accounts.

“Legitimate companies won’t make these requests, but scammers will.”

Chase has shared a series of tips for bank users on how they can spot signs of fraud.

Customers have been warned that fraudsters might use artificial intelligence to scam their victims.

They have been told that the voice may sound convincing.

Scams can even occur when users receive calls from IDs that have been disguised as Chase.

The banking giant has warned it’s difficult to recover funds if the transactions have been authorized.

Bank users have shared their horror after thousands of dollars were drained from accounts.

Allisa Kuberiet saw $5,000 wiped after scammers used stolen information to get a copy of their bank card.

She was blindsided as they had no idea someone had ordered a copy.

Chase bank user Miles was stunned after it appeared $230,000 had been wiped from his account in September 2021.

His account showed two suspicious-looking transactions – one for $200,000 and another for $35,000.

But, it turned out that no money had left his account and a Chase representative said he had been a victim of identity theft.

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