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Lagos State Government Set to demolish $200 million Landmark Beach Resort for costal highway project

The government of Lagos State has issued a demolition warning to the proprietor of $200 Landmark Beach Resort, a leading tourism spot, because it obstructs the planned route of a 700-kilometer coastal road intended to connect the state with Calabar...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Paul Onwuanibe, 58, told CNN that in late March he was given a notice to vacate his multimillion-dollar beach resort within seven days for its impending demolition.

Onwuanibe said that the Landmark property, worth over $200 million, accommodates more than 80 businesses and sustains over 4,000 jobs directly. Additionally, the company claims it contributes more than N2 billion in taxes each year.

The beach resort, regarded as one of the top tier tourism spot in Nigeria, receives about a million local and foreign visitors last year.

Onwuanibe explained he purchased the land in 2007, well before the coastal highway plans were formulated, and was left with mixed feelings after the demolition notice arrived, also prompting him to claim compensation.

“People who bring in money to make cities like this effective will be very concerned (with the proposed demolition of the beach resort). It will pose a huge threat to inward investment into the state and, most importantly, pose a threat to people who are already in the state trying to do things.

“We’ve spent between $80 and $90 million developing this ecosystem and one-third of that was spent on the beach. So, all that, which we are still paying loans on, will disappear,” Owunibe lamented.

Onwuanibe said that both international and domestic investors in the Landmark Group are considering withdrawing their investments if the beach resort, which features a mini golf course, beach soccer field, volleyball, and basketball court, is demolished.

“Without the beach, the entire ecosystem is at risk and is severely damaged.
“I have had widespread panic calls from my international and local investors as well as local debt providers threatening to pull the plug as they think this is material to our survival as a business,” he added.

What you should know

The Lagos State Government earlier announced plans to start demolishing all “illegal” constructions along the planned route of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway.

The State Government served removal notice to the owners of the affected physical structures and other property within this category.

The notice revealed that announcements were published on March 15 and 16, 2024, detailing the construction of the 103km section of the 700km Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway by the Federal Ministry of Works in partnership with the Lagos State Government.

“I am directed to inform you that your property which is a two-story floor falls within the right-of-way alignment of the project by 10.4 metres,” the notice signed by Somolu O., deputy director at the Development Matters Department, reads in part.


Nairemetrics reported earlier in March that the Federal Government has started constructing the 700-kilometer Lagos – Calabar Coastal Highway, designed to extend through 9 states with two spurs leading to the Northern States.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Works, David Umahi, during the official handover of the first phase, which includes a 47.47-kilometer dual carriageway, to Hitech Construction Company Ltd.
Umahi revealed that the road would be built using concrete pavement.
He also mentioned that since the Federal Government awarded the contract, Hitech Construction Company Limited has made significant progress, completing 1.3 kilometres of the required filling.


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