“Leave your friend’s man alone” — Lady warns fellow gender

A beautiful Nigerian lady has specifically warned her gender to not associate with their friend’s man or an already taken man in a bid to snatch him...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

She made the video which she posted to her Tiktok page, @nunu.elixir, after observing a pattern in many female friendships.

Recalling a birthday where she posted the man who she was seeing at the time in appreciation for his kind gestures towards her on her birthday.

Shortly after, many of her supposed ‘friends’ started adding him up to also be beneficiaries of his kindness.

“Leave your friend’s man and already taken men alone” — Lady warns fellow gender

The lady pointed out that these women do not text the men unless they are aware that they are comfortable financially and can provide.

She also stated how most wedding pages on social media do not post the groom because many women online begin to text them and try to snatch them from their partners.

Ending the video, the lady urged women to leave the character of trying to get close to their friend’s man in 2023.


@nunu.elixirI wanted to leave this in the drafts but it’s happened again and I think we need a little reminder ???? #storytimes

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