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Many Of You Think That Bishop Oyedepo Gave Me Money. Ask Him When You See Him

Awaken Ghana Conference – Day 2 Evening Session: Evangelist Isaac Oyedepo, son of well-known preacher Bishop David Oyedepo, preached on “The Remnants – A Brand Plucked Out of Fire” and shared a startling revelation.

In his address, Oyedepo dispelled a common misconception by revealing that his father had not provided him with financial assistance. He said, “Let me tell you the truth so that you can have a balanced perspective. Many of you think that Bishop Oyedepo gave me money. Ask him when you see him, not one dime, (he) did not ask ‘How will you survive? If you’ve learnt faith, go and put it to work’.”

He emphasized that Bishop Oyedepo had never given him any money and encouraged them to verify this claim directly with his father. Instead, he highlighted the importance of applying faith to overcome challenges, sharing a personal anecdote about surviving an electrocution incident at the age of five.

Reflecting on his childhood experience of being electrocuted while riding a bicycle near exposed wires, he acknowledged his propensity for taking risks from a young age. He humorously recounted his adventurous behavior, underscoring the resilience that has characterized his journey as a “remnant” for nearly four decades.

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Addressing the theme of enduring tests to attain extraordinary testimonies, Oyedepo emphasized that the trials encountered by remnants are not indications of divine neglect but rather catalysts for spiritual growth.

He said, ” The remnants who will command amazing testimonies must go through terrifying tests. The test is not because God doesn’t love you. The test is because you must change class. The Lord said ‘Skip all that’ So, ‘I’ll skip’.”

He affirmed his commitment to embracing challenges as opportunities for advancement, expressing confidence in his ability to navigate life’s obstacles with faith and determination....CONTINUE FULL READING»

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