Mbappe’s “authentic dream” is to play Euro 2024 – but Real Madrid are winning the war to keep him away

At this stage, it’s considered a given that Kylian Mbappe is going to Real Madrid. It’s an open secret, and there is pretty much zero doubt that a move is happening....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

There are some major details to be ironed out however, and nobody should take it for granted that it’s a certainty given how big the sums of money involved are.

One major obstacle, along with the related subject of his image rights, is his participation in the Olympic games this summer. Playing in the Paris Olympics is considered a major part of the Mbappe project by his entourage, and today AS are reporting that it’s becoming a matter of national importance for France too.

The minister of sport recently said it’s an “authentic dream” for Mbappe to play in the games, even French prime minister Emmanuel Macron is doing his best.

But Mbappe privately is said to see his chances of playing dwindling. That’s as much to do with the immense importance of playing for France at Euro 2024, as well as settling in to a new club.

Madrid may yet win this battle, despite the pressure from the French state.

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