Nigerian man puts marriage in jeopardy as he uses ‘visa savings’ to play sports betting, wife threatens divorce

A Nigerian man is currently making waves on social media after he used the money saved by himself and his wife for a visa to play sports betting...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter) by @KingEsene, the social media user claimed that a man and his wife had plans to travel out of the country.


Hence, they opened a joint account to save money for their processing.

In the middle of this, the man, without the consent of the wife, went behind her to withdraw a large part of the money, which he used to play sports betting and lost everything.

His statement: “Husband and Wife had japa plans & have both been saving in a joint acct operated by both parties but withdrawals can be made by one party. Wife discovered a few days ago that Husband has withdrawn almost all the money and used it for sports betting. She is now threatening divorce.”

After the wife found out about the act, she is now threatening divorce, according to the social media users.

Many individuals have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts in reaction to the step taken by the wife against her husband.

See some reactions below: 

@femidaviesawe: “That’s very cruel from the man, Divorce is indeed the right thing because a man who can withdraw from such money for sport betting is beyond saving.”

@seun_aiye: “A man that would put the long term plans of family in jeopardy is a very dangerous man. While divorce should never be the first and only solution, her reasons for requesting one is very valid.”

@Victor_Terhemba: “It’s like she too is not serious like her husband. She for first leave the house then send the man the divorce papers via GIG Courier.”

@nuru_barca: “One husband use wife money play sport bet, still chop gbese untop, boys seize him car key, matter reach police station, na mother inlaw come bail car..yam pepper scatter scatter.”

@_keluba: “If e boom they should share the money and then she can divorce if she still wants because that man is not quite alright. But let her keep threatening for now, just in case.”

@lakunle70: “Only divorce? Person wen suppose carry follow go abattoir go deal!! God Abeg!”

@obehieguakhide: “I support the wife. If he couldn’t take her into confidence about his plans, then they shouldn’t be together.”


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