NLO suspends two more players for assaulting match official

NLO suspends two more players for assaulting match official...CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

The Nationwide League One has suspended two players for assaulting a match official.

The players are Victor Imiete and Joshua Omaji of Zeal Mind FC.

According to reports, the duo assaulted the centre referee during the match against AC Midland FC, causing disruption and injury to the official.

The NLO communicated the player’s suspension in a memo to the club.

The memo reads, “Mr Victor Imiete and Joshua Omaji, both players of Zeal Mind FC, are hereby suspended indefinitely from all NLO matches, there appearance in any of Zeal Mind FC matches shall be met with serious sanction.

“This decision shall be forwarded to the Nigeria Football Federation for a nationwide ban on football activities.”...Continue Full Reading.>’.

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