“No gree for anybody” – Lady tackles masquerade to the ground as they brawl

Lady tackles down a masquerade as they brawl furiously in broad daylight over a disagreement...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The lady was seen in a viral video fighting a masquerade in public while passersby looked on.

It is not known what had caused the fight, the lady was however, seen atop the small-sized masquerade as she kept on twisting his hand.

At one point, people had to intervene and save the masquerade from the lady’s grasp as she continued maltreating it.

Read some people’s reaction to this:

@jahy_official said: “No body send the gods again oo ????????????
Dem no wan gree ????”

@nduzyprince wrote: “People just dey beat masquerade any how this day”

@thatbobpr said: “Masquerade just Dey chop beating this days ????”

@KinqKudos wrote: “Na woman dey beat masquerade so?”

@NwabuokuH state: “All this gods too stubborn”

Watch the video below:

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