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Primate Ayodele releases prophecies for Benin Republic, Mali, Gambia, Guinea, Zimbabwe, others

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Sunday released fresh prophecies concerning the African continent and some of the presidents....ALSO PROCEED READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

He revealed that the continent would experience division in the next four years which will lead to the breakage of some bodies like African Union and the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, adding that he foresees the formation of a new union and the emergence of a new African revolutionary leader.

In a statement signed by his Media aide, Oluwatosin Osho, Primate Ayodele said: ‘’Africa in the next four years will experience a lot of division, countries will break out of the African Union and there will be a new union which countries will join. Majority of African countries will fight their colonial masters in order to be totally free from them. I see a new African revolutionary leader that will open the eyes of other presidents in the continent.’’

Speaking on his prophecies for countries in the continent, he said he foresees that in the Benin Republic, the opposition is planning to do everything possible to defeat the candidate of President Patrice Talon in the coming election. He advised the president to pray for his health and be careful of political miscalculations.

‘’Benin Republic: “President Talon must consult widely to bring in a good candidate to hand over to, otherwise the opposition will knock his candidate out and he might not win the election if care isn’t taken. There will be an ethnic barrier and I see attempts to change the constitution which will be kicked against. The speaker of the house must be careful not to be indicted or removed. The president must be careful not to make miscalculations, he should pray for his health. The opposition will do everything to produce the next president of the Benin Republic. The country should pray against explosions and attacks. I see a change in the service chiefs. I see issues between Benin Republic and France.’’

In Gambia, he warned President Adama Barrow to seek the face of God because there will be many issues to contend with. He stated that the opposition will form a coalition against him to weaken his efforts.

In Rwanda, he foresees a protest against President Paul Kagame while warning him against wrong accusations and unexpected explosion

In Guinea, he revealed that the junta’s plans to transform to a civilian government will be frustrated by politicians in the country. He warned the Junta to be on alert because there will be backdoor gang-ups against the government.

For Mali, he stated that politicians will not trust the military leader and his ability to handover. He called on him to put his security together because there are plans to intercept his government.

‘’Gambia: President Adama Barrow of Gambia will make a wrong political calculation as the people will not allow his candidate to fly. He needs to seek the face of God because there will be a lot of issues to contend with. His predecessor will form a coalition against him. The opposition is preparing to weaken his efforts, he must restrategize and be careful of his political steps.

‘’Rwanda: Only a popular candidate can defeat President Paul Kagame. He will be accused wrongly and there will be opposition against his efforts. He should pray against insecurity, unexpected attack, and unexpected explosion. The economy of the country will receive a booster and there will be protest against the president.

‘’Guinea: The country must be very careful because the Junta leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya will work well but politicians will frustrate his efforts. People will come together to fight the junta’s plans to transform it into a civilian president. Notwithstanding, Doumbouya must not sleep because there is some backdoor gang-up which is coming up. The junta will come up with a new constitutional procedure which politicians will stand against. He must watch very well and must be careful of politicians who are desperate. What he has done will speak well of him, there will be democracy in the country.

‘’Mali: There are a lot of things that frustrate democracy most especially, the politicians. They will not trust Colonel Assimi Goïta. They will not believe his ability to handover meanwhile, whatever the junta is doing, politicians will frustrate it because they want to take over the country. The military leader must put together his security; some people are planning to intercept his government,” he said.

In Zambia, Primate Ayodele warned President Hakainde Hichilema of the efforts of oppositions to unseat him in the next presidential election. He mentioned that a greenhorn would be brought up against him.

Likewise in Sudan, he stated that the country will not have peace despite the efforts of international communities to restore normalcy in the country. He warned the Sudanese Armed Forces to pray against division because there are several moves to exit the group from power by the rebel force, Rapid Support Forces.

In South Sudan, he warned against a potential crisis between the President, Salva Kiir and his first vice president, Riek Machar. He also revealed that there will be disagreement on the election date.

‘’Zambia: the economy will be frustrating and they must pray against natural disaster, total confusion. Politically, they want to frustrate President Hakainde Hichilema’s efforts as the opposition is ganging up with the past administration to form a coalition ahead of the presidential election. A greenhorn will be the candidate of the opposition to battle the present government. The president must seek the face of God and watch his health properly. The country should pray against water disease, failure in energy and the president should work on the rural development.

‘’Sudan: The country will not have peace if the right thing isn’t done. Despite what international communities will do, democracy in the country will not be stable. Let the ruling force pray not to be divided despite the efforts of the leader, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. He must be careful about his movement in the 7th,8th and 9th month. They want to frustrate him out of power. The country must pray against waterborne, airborne diseases that will cause a lot of casualties. The rebel force, Rapid Support Forces, want to take over some states but they must not be allowed. The ruling junta leader must brace up his security. The rebels are not the right people to dialogue with, they won’t abide by the dialogue agreement.

‘’South Sudan: there will be disagreement between the first vice president, Riek Machar and the President, Salva Kiir. If they don’t put their security in order, insecurity will cause problems in the forthcoming election which can lead to a crisis. The country must prevent another war. President Kiir must watch health because his ability to continue in government will be in jeopardy. I see gang-ups and betrayal against him. Russia, South Korea, Dubai, and Japan will give his government a booster. The country needs to seek the face of God for democracy to see the light of the day. I see disagreement on the date of the election. Let’s pray not to lose a parliament member, death of any minister and plans by the military to cause a crisis in the government. I see reshuffling of cabinet,” he added.

Furthermore, he revealed that Zimbabwe’s president has plans to become a life president but there will be a revolution in the country.

In Equatorial Guinea,he foresees a sudden health failure of the president. He warned him to pray to avoid slumping while also warning the vice president of the country.

Similarly, Primate Ayodele disclosed that there will be a gang-up against the president of Cameroun, Paul Biya.

‘’Zimbabwe: The president, Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to be a life president. He must be careful not to see interference in his government. He is going to change the Central bank governor, there will be famine, drought in the country. The government must be careful of wrong policies which will drive investors away. I see a revolution in Zimbabwe.

‘’Cameroun: Some politicians will gang-up against President Paul Biya. They will call for his resignation and they will want to protest against his policies. They will gang-up against his government.

‘’Equatorial Guinea: The president, Teodoro Obiang must continue to pray for his health, he must pray for him not to slump suddenly. There will be changes in his cabinet. The president’s policies will frustrate expatriates and the vice president, Teodoro Nguema will be indicted of corruption.

‘’Chad: there will be political rowdiness, they will want to disqualify some candidates and there will be electoral violations. Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno will still have an edge except there’s a coalition. He will have an edge over other candidates. They should pray against the crisis during and after the election. New terrorists will come up in Chad, they will face a bigger security challenges,” he said.

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