Real Madrid will allow Kylian Mbappe to choose when he announces transfer

Real Madrid have been keen to control matters this time round with Kylian Mbappe, but they will allow the French star to decide when to announce the deal. The 25-year-old forward is unlikely to leave this until after he joins the French camp for the European Championships....ALSO PROCEED READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Mbappe has not been enjoying recent weeks in Paris, as per Marca, who say that his status has changed since Paris Saint-Germain communicated that he would be leaving the club in early February. Since, he has been taken off on numerous occasions, and manager Luis Enrique has been empowered to openly speak about preparing for life without him.

Given some of the battles that Mbappe and his camp has had with CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi, including missing out on their preseason tour last summer, they had foreseen that it could become a tense situation. As such, Real Madrid have decided to let Mbappe to decide the timing of the announcement of their deal, so as to make the situation as easy as possible for him.

His presentation date is up in the air as a result, but the announcement will come before the Euros, and not before PSG are eliminated from the Champions League.

If PSG were to get all the way to the final in Europe, it could make that turnaround fairly tight, but that is presumably a bridge to be crossed when it arrives. Next week Mbappe and PSG go into their quarter-final clash with Barcelona, and in spite of that tension, Mbappe is no doubt still set on trying to deliver PSG their first Champions League.

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