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‘Sanwo-Olu, who the hell are you?’ – Army officers slam Lagos Gov for arresting a colleague plying one-way

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has received knock from soldiers after one of their colleagues a lance corporal in the Army was arrested with his bike....ALSO PROCEED READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

One of the arrested men had mentioned to Sanwo-Olu that he was a soldier but the Governor insisted saying, “Put him there; let your father come and rescue you. You’re telling me you are a soldier; that is the reason I’m going to lock you up.”

This did not go down well with some soldiers who slammed Sanwo-Olu for locking up on of their colleagues.

In a video making rounds, a soldier querried Sanwo-Olu saying he only remembers the soldiers aren’t useless when he wants to do his dirty works.

He described the Sanwo-Olu as mad person and questioned the integrity of the Governor.

The unknown soldier wrote;

“You dey call yourself governor, you dey misbehave up and down. Who the f*** hell are you Governor Sanwo-Olu, who the f*** hell are you? You think say na me you go jam that day, you’re calling me useless? I will useless you there. Your life will spoil. Governor Sanwo-Olu, you are mad. Calling a soldier useless. If you want to do your dirty work, you call soldiers. You’re mad. And all of you wey dey comment rubbish, you’re stupid. Go check Ojo road, Ojo road good?”

Another soldier displeased by the Governor’s action shared a video of himself calling out Sanwo-Olu over his decision to arrest his colleague.

He said;

“Did I just hear your governor calling a soldier, lance corporal useless? a lance corporal…This man broke his arm, they fired at the man. There is iron in his hands.

“You are calling a soldier useless in front of those idiots, those bastard civilians. DSS was pushing a soldier. In any situation where you find yourself as a soldier, the Army only gives you five seconds to compose yourself, so after that, you must know how to reply to any attack or anything that comes your way.

“Because he is a governor, I know he (arrested soldier) was shocked that the governor was arresting him. I know I am not perfect and I am not saying I am but in any situation I find myself, especially beside your barracks, nobody can arrest you. I repeat, nobody can arrest you because you have to stand your grand and nobody will slap you there.

“No DSS or police can slap you because you refuse to go. Why will you arrest me when there are IP and military police?

“Okay, will it be because I took one way beside my barracks? What if I just took the bike out to buy something? Do I have to take the long route because I want to buy something? Who does that? In which Amy?”

“So, now, your governor has the guts to arrest and even call a soldier useless. To be sincere, Lagos has been experiencing too much peace. Let’s tell the truth, Lagos has been experiencing too much peace. Let us assume this happened in the North East where I am, is it here the governor’s convoy that is taking one way will arrest a soldier for taking one way?

“The governor constituted a nuisance. You are there pursuing civilians, what if they get involved in an accident along the line? The governor was there acting like a tout, a governor! When you are supposed to respect yourself. If the soldier said he is not going anywhere, nobody has the power to slap him. If the governor tries it, he knows he is already a bygone. The governor dare not slap a soldier.

“If I am directed by the MP, any of my senior, or any other officer to go to the guard room, I will go. But of the governor says so, I will never go. He doesn’t have the power. Who does he want to lock up?”

Watch the video below;

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