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Solomon Buchi Slams Women Who Spend Time In Their Boyfriends House Cooking And Washing His Clothes

Nigerian writer and social media influencer, Solomon Buchi has slammed all the women who make it a duty to spend time in their boyfriends house, cooking, cleaning and washing their clothes for them.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Buchi asked such women if they are homeless, unloved at home or lack personal boundaries.

His post reads: ‘’One of the reasons some men expect you to cook and clean for them while dating, is because you’re open to spending the weekend with them. You shouldn’t be spending multiple days in a boyfriend’s house. First, it minimizes chances of falling into sexual sin.

Secondly, it shields you from some bizarre domestic expectations from musty men. Some women start sleeping at their boyfriend’s after two weeks of dating. Are you homeless, unloved at home, and lack personal boundaries? Why won’t he pack all his dirty clothes and plates and order you to wash them? You act homeless and untrained.

A woman’s comportment and conduct conveys her worth than who she deludedly believes she is. If a man is not husband, there are things you shouldn’t do for him, not because love is lacking, but because covenant is lacking. Covenant is the bedrock of marital obligations. So how will a man know his GF’s domestic abilities if she shouldn’t spend nights in his place?

I’m not saying that every man will order you around like a domestic staff because you spent a weekend at his. But it is safer and more respectful not to date in that fashion.

2. You can cook for your boyfriend, but how about you cook in your house and take it over? Why must you sleep over just to cook? Many women do not understand the psychology of being a wife. No reasonable man wants a girlfriend to act wife without a wedding ring.

Visiting your boyfriend, staying over at his place and cooking for him, can be permissible during courtship, after engagement. At this point, families have met, your pastors have met, church is aware and it’s official. But boundaries must be defined, because sexual sin…

A man doesn’t NEED to have you cook to know that you’re domesticated. From conversations — how you speak about building a home, and how you fulfill these roles in your father’s home — he will know. Stop acting homeless, or you’ll tirelessly cook and clean for alpha malusss”..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>


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