Spain coach deals with barrage of questions about one player he can no longer call up

Brahim Diaz’s decision to play for Morocco should be simple. That’s what he decided, he informed the Spanish national team of his decision, and we should all be able to move on.Continue Reading...CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

But the Spanish press insist on seeing it as some sort of slap in the face, and they today tried their best to provoke national team coach Luis de la Fuente into a reaction.

“He took the decision, it was clear. Those who want to be here are here. Each one knows where they want to be… I didn’t demand anything from him on a personal level,” the coach explained in quotes picked up by Marca.

“He’s accepted Morocco’s proposal and that’s that. Those who want to come [to play for Spain] will come… on the 1st of March I gave the “pre-list” and he was on it. On the 9th of March he sent a document renouncing his availability for Spain. In a sporting sense, I did all I could do.”

Things will soon quieten down – there’s no shortage of talent in the Spain squad for the friendlies against Colombia and Brazil in the upcoming international break. But until those games are played, it seems the focus will remain on one player who won’t be featuring.

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