The Past Photos Of These Nollywood Lolos Will Make You Doubt They Are Not The One

None of these women were born into royalty but they play the role of a lorlor (wife of a king) to perfection. Portraying a royal, and in particular a queen, comes with it a certain honour and grace.That’s why these women are loved by many in Nigeria and beyond.

You might recognize these actresses today, but how about back in the day? Check out these throwback photos of Nollywood’s finest queens. From Rita Edochie to Ebele Okaro, Uche Ebere Agu to Chinyere Wilfred, here are 10 actresses who always rule the screen as lorlor.

1. Uche Ebere Agu

What She Is Known For ?

Uche Ebere Agu most times play the role of a quiet queen filled with so much wisdom. She gives the king good advise and always have the prosperity of her kingdom in mind.

2. Chinyere Wilfred

What She Is Known For ?

Chinyere Wilfred is a no-nonsense and kind-hearted lorlor who just can’t stand injustice or evil. She’s always ready to challenge any wicked elder or herbalist.

3. Princess Maureen Ihua

What She Is Known For ?

Princess Maureen Ihua, a beautiful queen whose son always falls in love with a poor maiden instead of a princess. She tries to destroy the relationship but love always prevail at the end.

4. Winnie Nweje

What She Is Known For ?

Winnie Nwejea lorlor who is ready to go extreme for her son to take over the throne even if he is not the rightful heir.

5. Ebele Okaro

What She Is Known For ?

A wife of a wealthy king, Ebere Okaro is a strong and very determined lorlor who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Most times she rules her kingdom with a iron fist.

6. Rita Edochie

What She Is Known For ?

Rita Edochie most times play the role of wise queen with two stubborn princes eyeing the throne of their father . Whenever she’s not trying to make peace between her two sons. She’s crying and hoping that they would learn love themselves.

7. Patience Ozokwor

What She Is Known For ?

Patience Ozokwor is a queen no one dares step on her toes. She’s is brutal and good at plotting evil. Sometimes she can be a good queen be enjoy watching her when she’s ruthless. She brings a lot of suspense and action whenever she plays the role of a queen.

8. Liz Benson

What She Is Known For ?

Liz Benson is such a force to be reckoned when it comes to acting like a queen. When you watch her movies you may tend to believe she’s from a royal family. When playing the role of a queen, Liz Benson is exudes confidence, iron-willed and carries herself with poise.

9. Ngozi Ezeh Evuka

What She Is Known For ?

Ngozi Ezeh most times play the role of a upright and tough queen with a good sense of judgement. She doesn’t tolerate evil of injustice in her Kingdom.

10. Ngozi Ezeonu

What She Is Known For ?

You didn’t really think I could do a list about Nollywood’s lorlor without mentioning Ngozi Ezeonu, did you? She’s arguably the best when it comes to playing the role of queen.

Ngozi Ezeonu most times play the role of a kind queen, however she can be cruel in some movies especially if she doesn’t like the woman her son falls in love with……CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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