The Sad Story of a Village Known as “Kidney Village” Where Most People Sold Their Kidneys

This is exactly the case of a single village named Hokse in the nation of Nepal. The village has been dubbed the “Kidney Village” or the “Kidney Valley” since almost every resident of that village has sold their kidneys just to get money to free themselves from the suffering they face. Since telling them that it will grow back, the Village is a destination for Kidney traffickers as they trick and convince people to sell their kidneys for as little as £ 1,300.

Many of the villagers were fooled into thinking that once they’re removed, the kidneys grow back. Any woman named “Geeta” who was 37 years old admitted that after being convinced by her sister in-law, she and her husband sold their kidneys and she was paid 200,000 Nepalese Rubies. She was then transported to India as well as several others by some criminal practitioners to carry out the illegal procedure of the kidney and the kidneys are then traded in “Black Markets”

According to Geeta, she felt nothing after the operation and was paid 200,000 Nepalese rubies, which in turn she used to purchase her own “dream” house as well as property that others also did. Unfortunately for Geeta, her dream was Short Lived and Destroyed as the world was hit by a deadly earthquake in 2015, killing over 8,800 people and hurting at least 23,000 people. Properties and houses were badly ruined, and their dream homes had just gone like that to Geeta and some other guy, meaning that the money they received from selling their kidneys was lost and nothing could be said about it.

Many of the Nepalese people in hoske (kidney village) got depressed and went into drinking alcohol, according to her which steadily deteriorated their health. These Kidney dealers often pay Kidney as little as £ 160 when they target the Hoske Village Nepalese children with disabilities. In exchange, they (the kidney traders) market the kidneys for £ 6,500.

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It was found that 42 percent of individuals residing in Hoske, Nepal sold their kidneys to purchase a land or home, according to a 2014 Asian Foundation survey. The Nepalese government, having found these immoral activities taking place in the country, passed a law against the selling of kidneys..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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