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These Spiritual Secrets About Cowries Can Make You Rich Within Few Weeks

I’m sure you’d have seen cowries in movies, on people’s hair as accessories even just anywhere. Some of you would have asked what the usefulness or benefits of using COWRIES. Let’s dive in a bit...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

COWRIES were a form of currency, it symbolizes prosperity, wealth, destiny, and fertility in African culture. According to African legends, the love of cowrie shells means that you may be “family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth.”

These shells were also associated with femininity, as the shape of the cowrie is similar to that of a pregnant woman. Spiritually, worn by pregnant women to aid in childbirth. The cowry shells were used as a form of human-cowrie conversion system to trade cowrie shells for enslaved people.

Beyond beauty accessories there are confirm spiritual benefits of Cowries. Let’s look at them


1. If money is not coming your way, Get original cowries, Put it inside your wallet or purse, it attracts favors and money

2. For business owners, always have 21 cowries inside your money drawer, or waist purse where you keep money. It drives spiritual theft for those that money is always lost without any cause.

3. SEA cowrie shell is a good praying tool. There are so many powerful prayers you can do with it and an immediate result.

4. If you are pregnant and afraid of witches or wizards touching your child always sleep with cowries in your clothes or bed

5. You can keep one in your business place and you’ll be selling out.

6. If you want to be favored, do you eat in your dreams? do you experience an attack in your dreams?, or sx in dreams, or you dream and forget once you wake up. get cowries and put around your sleeping area.

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