“They won’t let me work” – Ex-RFEF President Luis Rubiales breaks silence amid ongoing scandals

Luis Rubiales is certainly not the most popular person in football at the moment. The former President of the Spanish Football Federation returned to Spain on Wednesday, having resided in the Dominican Republic for the last few weeks, and was subsequently taken into custody, and later released, amid the ongoing investigation into alleged corruption at the RFEF...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Rubiales has also been under-fire for his non-consensual kiss of Jenni Hermoso last summer, a matter that is also currently being investigated by Spanish authorities. He has now given an interview to La Sexta (via MD), during which he complained about being ostracised from Spanish football.

“They won’t let me work in football. I have received a media beating that made it impossible for me to live in Spain. My income was in Spain.”

Rubiales also promised to defend himself from the allegations that have been levelled against him.

“I’ve never taken a bite. I’m not going to question the forces of law and order, if they have doubts we’ll clear them up. No one has the file. I have suffered 70 lawsuits. They say I’ve hit balls and it’s not true. There is no presumption of innocence in this country. I say I’m going to clarify what I know.”

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