“This is what we can afford” – Lady says as she transforms father’s parlour

A young Nigerian lady stirs emotional responses as she and and siblings collectively transform the dilapidated state of their father’s parlour...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

A video making the rounds on social media captured the effort of a man’s children who tried their best to revamp his living room with the little they had.

The parlour, initially was old and had torn furniture on it, with a little touch of carpentry works, painting and some interior touches, it looked alive again.

The lady revealed that they wished they could do more for their father but it was what they could afford at the time.

"This is what we can afford for now" - Lady praised as she transforms father's parlour

See how netizens reacted

hessjstein said: “You really try for your father, you’ve done well. 2024 will be your year of restoration!!”

maybelleluv penned: “My sister you are trying,it’s not easy these days to do common room transformation and renovations,it is well,God bless you as you guys put smile on your parents face ????????????.”

shuga_mary said: “I was waiting to see dad’s reaction ☺️ but nevertheless well done God bless una ????.”

xo_drealedoboy added: “Na woman you be joor it’s not easy, may GOD continue to bless you..”

jonosdeclutter_hub wrote: “I love children who are able to do something for their parents before they die not when they’re now late… they would now be spending millions for burial ceremonies. God bless her and her siblings for this.”

Watch the video below …

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