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Three Spiritual Benefits You Get When You Mix Original Salt With Alligator Pepper


For you to carry out this task, you will need to get the real sea salt that comes directly from the ocean and it’s unprocessed. Below are the three best functions and usage of it;Continue Reading

1. For Spiritual Bath and Cleansing

Put some quantities in a flat plate and put 7 seeds of alligator pepper on it then place it outside at night in the dew till dawn. Very early in the morning without talking to anybody carry it and say some prayers with faith. Do this for seven days and you will see positive changes in your life shortly.

2. For Favor

Put a pinch of unprocessed sea salt in your shoes and wear. Embark on your journey and see what will happen.

You can also put a pinch in ur cream and then watch how people would start loving you more than ever, But you have to be of good behavior too.

3. For Injuries

If you get injured, get the rock salt and put some quantities in warm water, use it to clean the wound. Do this 3 times a week and see what will happen. It will dry off and heal up faster.

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