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Top Ten Most Civilized Countries In Africa and There Per Capita Income

I believe you all know Africa is getting more civilized every day, with some of the countries at the forefront of technological advancement. This continent made up of 54 countries has refused to take the back seat in development and world civilization. Below is the list of top 10 most civilized African countries;..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

1. Egypt

It is believed that civilization started in Egypt, this great country has long been associated with innovations, civilization and technological inventions. It was said to be the first country to make use of written language and calendar. Egyptian pyramid, one of the attractions of Egypt has no rival in the world. This country located in North Africa house some of the best universities in Africa. Despite the civil unrest the experience once in a while, this country still remains the most civilized and technologically advanced country in Africa.

2. Nigeria

Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa and the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is the second this list of top 10 most civilized countries in Africa. The reasons for this is not farfetched. In recent years, Nigeria went through rapid technological advancement and innovation due to the easy transition from one democratic government to another. Its tourist attractions underwent a surface change which drew tourist far and wide and it has welcomed many foreigners and foreign investors in the past 15 years.

3. South Africa

Third on the list of top 10 most civilized African countries is South Africa. This country is the most technologically advanced country in Africa and its civilization level is one of the best. The country supports and develops human potentials; its universities produced top specialists in the world of IT and innovations. Multichoice owner of DSTV is a South African company, and PayPal Wasco founded by a South African, this and other inventions put this great African Country on the list.

4. Kenya

This country that occupies the 4 spot on our list of top 10 best-civilized countries in Africa boasts of several innovations that placed this country in an enviable position among other countries in Africa. Notable among its invention is a charging shoe, charcoal stoves solar-powered refrigerators and the tamperproof voting machine. South Africa was able to stay ahead of countries in civilization due to it the fact that it can boast of some of the finest universities in Africa.

5. Algeria

With a strong government that takes special measures to improve the country and place it at the pinnacle of civilization, Algeria is the 5th on the list of top 10 most civilized countries in Africa. Algeria has the 9 largest Natural Gas reserve in the world with the fact that the economy is a well managed and buoyant one; Algeria has been able to move forward on its level of civilization every day.

6. Ghana

This country of over 25 million people is considered as the next great county in Africa. Ghana has experienced stable and growing economy in recent years and coupled with the fact that it uses compress gas to generate electricity, it has been seen as a well-civilized country with potentials and environment that supports advancement in technology. This country boasts of affordable video conferencing system that facilitates easy communication with people of outside world.

7. Libya

Libya is on the 7th spot on our list of our top 10 most civilized African countries because it is a country with a good standard of living and very high life expectancy rate of 75 compared to other countries. Libya like other top countries is also advanced in higher education, innovations and scientific research work. There is a high education exchange rate between Libya, Europe, and America, this contributed to its high rate of educational advancement. With a per capita income of over $11,497, the people in Libya are enjoying a stable and sufficient economy.

8. Seychelles

8 on the list of top 10 most civilized countries in Africa is Seychelles, this country has been rated as the most developed country in Africa by many in recent times. This country made the list because of its high infrastructure facilities and high per capita income. This country among others boasts of 6 airports and runways. It is also the richest country in Africa with a per capita income of $24,552.

9. Mauritius

This country is famous for its beauty and high economic policies. Mauritius is one of the best tourist centers in Africa almost everyone will love to visit at least once in a lifetime because it consists mostly of beautiful islands. Tourism is one of the major sources of income of this beautiful country; the people of Mauritius also enjoy a stable economy that is one of the best in Africa. Per capita income of Mauritius is $17,716; this is high compared to other countries in Africa.

10. Uganda

Uganda is last on our list of top 10 most civilized African countries. This country is well advanced in technology and was rated as one of the three African countries to be ranked among countries with advanced innovation and technological advancement in Africa. The growth and civilization rate of Uganda over the years can be classified as rapid and promising, this has made it qualify to be rated along with Egypt and other civilized countries in the world.

Well, if you think there are countries that should make this list, you can add them to the comment box.

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