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Understanding the ‘5×5 Workout’: How Trainers Claim It Boosts Strength Quickly

If you’re aiming to enhance your muscle and strength, consider exploring the “5×5 workout” that’s gaining traction on TikTok. Both certified personal trainers and fitness buffs are advocating for its effectiveness in rapidly increasing strength. It’s an added bonus that refreshing your workout regimen not only keeps you engaged and motivated but also plays a significant role in achieving your fitness aspirations....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

Continue reading to get the scoop on the 5×5 workout, and after you’ve absorbed that information, don’t forget to dive into the 6 Best Pilates Exercises for Boosting Your Balance & Coordination.

What is the 5×5 workout?

fit man doing barbell bench press exercise, concept of strength exercises for men in their 30sfit man doing barbell bench press exercise, concept of strength exercises for men in their 30s

The workout strategy known as 5×5 involves performing three sessions per week, with each session consisting of five sets of five repetitions of each exercise. For these workouts, a barbell is usually the preferred resistance tool, as noted by April Gatlin, a senior master trainer at STRIDE Fitness.

Here’s a sample 5×5 workout Gatlin put together:

Monday and Friday of each week:

  • Back Squats (5×5)
  • Bench Presses (5×5)
  • Bent-over Rows (5×5)

Wednesday of each week:

  • Back Squats (5×5)
  • Overhead Presses (5×5)
  • Deadlifts (1 set for 5 reps; keep in mind this exercise calls for just 1 set, as deadlifts can be taxing on the body and you want to avoid overtraining)

“The amount of weight lifted should increase every two weeks,” explains Gatlin. “Track the weight lifted to know the percentage being added every two weeks, which will help you know how much to add as you work through the program.”

People swear by the 5×5 workout to get stronger faster.

TikTok user Oba explains in a video, “This 5×5 approach is amazing. Firstly, it’s simple and effective. What is it? Five sets of five reps per exercise. Secondly, it’s strength-focused. It’s designed to maximize strength gains. You’re only doing five reps per set, so naturally, the weight you’re going to be lifting is a lot heavier than if you’re doing eight reps or 10 reps per set. Thirdly, this focus on compound movements such as bench press, squat, and deadlifts, and those types of movements, engage multiple muscle groups.”

Another TikTok user Coach Kev stresses in a clip, “5×5 is the best method to get stronger. In my experience, I’ve done a 5×5, and every week, I would do one weight twice a week, five sets, five reps. Every single week, I was able to add two, four, five to each side, five pounds.”

Gatlin has excellent things to say about the 5×5 workout method as well. “The benefits of the 5×5 workout program are pretty solid; you build lean muscle (more muscle = less fat, more muscle = revs the metabolism, more muscle = anti-aging, more muscle =better workout/athletic performance), which in turn leads to a better quality of life,” she explains.

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