WATCH: Xavi Hernandez and Koke Resurreccion catch up – ‘You don’t stop running, you b******’

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez was in much better spirits shortly after the final whistle of the second half against Atletico Madrid, than he was after the end of the first, having been sent off. The Blaugrana coach was all smiles as he caught up with former teammate and Atletico Madrid captain Koke Resurreccion after the match....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

Koke was seen giving his post-match interview to the Spanish broadcasters after the game in the mix zone, before Xavi took over for the Barcelona duties.

“You don’t stop running, you b******”, Xavi told Koke with a smile.

Koke asked how Xavi was, to which he responded ‘good, better now’, and Xavi told Koke to take care of himself, before wishing him luck. Koke then urged Xavi to pull through so they would see each other again in the Champions League semi-finals. Barcelona know they will meet one of Atletico or Borussia Dortmund if they get past Paris Saint-Germain.

The pair were regular opponents for a time as players for the same two clubs less than a decade ago, and even shared a dressing for Spain on three occasions as international teammates.

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