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‘We’ll Never Be Overwhelmed By Mob’ – Chief Justice of Nigeria Ariwoola Blows Hot Amid Knocks On Judiciary

During the commencement of the special session for the 2023/2024 legal year and the induction of 58 newly appointed Senior Advocates of Nigeria, the CJN emphasized the importance of hard work, honesty, and courtesy among judicial officers...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

While urging them to carry out their duties humbly and treat litigants, witnesses, and bar members with respect, Ariwoola reiterated that the judiciary will never be overwhelmed by the noises of the mob.

Furthermore, the CJN emphasized that while fulfilling their responsibilities, judicial officers must remember that public opinions, sentiments, or emotions should never supersede the law when making decisions on cases.

“The law remains the law, no matter whose interest is involved. In all we do, as interpreters of the law, we should endeavour to severe the strings of emotion from logic and assumption from fact.

“We should never be overwhelmed by the actions or loud voices of the mob or crowd and now begin to confuse law with sentiment or something else in deciding our cases.

“Nevertheless, unnecessary and unwarranted utterances are bound to embarrass not only others, but the Judge himself; thus what should be asked, should be asked, and what should not be asked, should be avoided,” the CJN said.

He pledged his commitment to safeguard the rule of law, the holistic independence of the judiciary and the trust and confidence of the public.

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