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“Why many Africans are still poor even after moving abroad” – Abroad-based lady opens up on reasons

An abroad-based Nigerian lady has shed light on the alleged reasons why many Africans face financial challenges even after relocating abroad...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The young woman whose identity remains undisclosed, pointed out a prevalent mistake among Africans who relocate abroad.

She attributed a significant portion of these struggles to the behavior of some expatriates who, upon relocating, tend to flaunt their new lifestyles excessively on platforms like Instagram.

According to the lady, upon arriving in their new countries, many Africans quickly update their Instagram bios to display their new location, often accompanied by their home country’s flag.

In addition to this, she highlighted the propensity of some to indulge in extravagant spending on designer goods and living a lavish lifestyle.

While these actions may seem harmless or even celebratory to some, the Nigerian woman cautioned against such behavior.

She argued that this ostentatious display of wealth can create a misleading perception among family and friends back in Africa.

As a result, those abroad may find themselves bombarded with financial requests, loans, or investment proposals, with loved ones believing they are financially stable or even affluent.
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Kennydiamond51 said; “I will only spend on my parents and siblings. Any other person, I won’t give anything.”

callie_segura said; “This why moving in silence is so important!!!”

chikepaschal said; “IF THEY BILL YOU BLOCK THEM.”

George sh said; “My girlfriend told me to stop all this billing st and focus more on myself and I’m happy I c.”

somethinghungry girl said; “Someone once told me it’s better to spend money on your self and dress up than to save. I just smh.”

Noekie + said; “my parents came in the late 80s in New York. it was no time to be showing off.”

miss.yusuf Creator replied; “Even without showing off people believe your rich once you’re abroad.”

Experienceus said; “True 100 Especially in US time run so fast 100.”

Zenie971 said; “No one is entitled to my lifestyle also having to give gifts to relatives back home. hard earned money back to them!.”

Michael Dawson12 said; “Me I have learned to start saying NO.”

Whereis_Mona said; “Billing me ??…na them send me come here ?? I only know my family Abeg.”

DettyDollarsss said; “I don’t owe people back home explanations.”

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