“You Hosted Your Father’s Burial Reception At Enugu Because You Dont Have Befitting House In Your Village”- Soludo Attacks Flavor

Gov. Soludo Has Launched A Scathing Media Attack On Flavour For Holding Burial Reception At Enugu Denying Claims That His Decision Was Bourne Out Of Insecurity...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The Anambra State government through the media aides of the governor has described the decision by high life musician Flavour to host his father’s burial reception at Enugu as a case of paying the price for irresponsibility.

The state government accuse Flavour of not building a befitting house in his village Umunze.

The Soludo Attack States:

“The situation with Flavour ‘Nabania’ holding the reception for his late father’s burial in Enugu is a clear instance of someone not investing in their community. He was born and brought up in Enugu, where he has chosen as a home over his native homeland, Umunze in Anambra where he has not built a suitable home befitting of his personality, and those around him should not use insecurity as an excuse for him to host an event in Enugu instead of Umunze, his home”.

While the accusation by the governor appear to be a germane defense concocted in the interest of the public image of the state, It is worthy to note that the accuser, Gov Soludo also boycotted Anambra State and chose Enugu State when he invested millions in his hospitality business.

It is rather ironical that Gov Soludo who has zero investment in Anambra State is accusing Flavour of not thinking home.

Till date, All Soludo’s investments in South East Nigeria are located outside Anambra State.

His multi million dollar Nondon hotel investment was built in Enugu State and is contributing to Enugu State economy till date while Anambra State remains completely ignored.

A typical case reminiscent of a soot covered kettle calling pot black.

A public servant who despite his means and reach in both public office and as a private individual chose to ignore his home state while investing massively in Enugu and create jobs for ndi Enugu has no moral justification to launch such attack on Flavour who has never held any public office and has never asked anyone for a vote.

It is also worthy to note that it was Gov Soludo who introduced the highly controversial and economically retrogressive Anambra burial laws which would have criminalized the burial reception of Flavour’s father had it been hosted in Anambra State.

We cannot forget in a hurry how the same governor publicly turned his funeral tribute into a platform to attack the family of the deceased during the burial of the matriach of the Obimma family (Mama Ebube Muonso) at Nkwelle.

Instead of attacking private citizens of Anambra State, The governor who collects and manages public funds and tax payers monies should focus his energies on battling kidnappers who are having a field day in his domain.

Private individuals reserve the right to make personal decisions on their own interests, The governor should concentrate on battling criminality and securing the lives and properties of Ndi Anambra instead of dabbling into diversionary flippancy and unproductive ramblings...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.>’.


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