Yul Edochie has done nothing wrong having a second wife – Yvonne Jegede defends actor

Actress Yvonne Jegede has come to the defense of her colleague, actor Yul Edochie, in response to his marriage scandal with Judy Austin...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Yul faced severe criticism from Nigerians after it was revealed that he married Judy Austin while still being married to May Edochie and having three children.

In response to the backlash against Yul Edochie, Yvonne appeared on a recent episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, and slammed critics and trolls.

She pointed out that those attacking Yul for his actions are often second, third, fourth, or even fifth wives, some of whom are not even known to their families.

Yvonne said, “You see this Yul Edochie, 99% of people abusing him on the internet are from second wives and third wives, fourth wives and fifth wives. And sometimes they are from wives that the families do not know about. Let us stop being silly on the internet. I don’t see anything he has done wrong. I know they will finish me when this post comes out, they will tear me to pieces.
Why una dey cause the guy? And you say Regina is now your prayer point. Na only she fit advise you for marriage.”

Her comment elicited reactions on social media.

official_slimrose: Comparing yul to ned is absurd Ned is a proud polygamist and his wives knew this before they even married him. His faith and religion supports this motion and again all his women knew what they were getting into from the beginning. Yul’s case was a clear case of cheating gone wrong, he tried to do damage control by quickly secretly marrying Judy before the world finds out they had a child and it blew out of proportion and beyond his imagination. You can’t force a woman that doesn’t have that orientation to suddenly have and accept a mistake that you’re unapologetic about.

She said she will not be numbered in her own home and we all should respect that. The fact that you’re from a second wife doesn’t mean we all are and you being a product of polygamy doesn’t mean it should cloud your sense of reasoning.

mira_ozems: Your husband kept malice with you for 3 weeks while you were pregnant, you divorced him. Yul did only get Judy pregnant; he married her and posted it online without the consent of his wife nor grown children. And you say is the same? Ned on the other hand took permission from he’s wives, married Regina properly. I like Yvonne however the more she talks, the more I see the scar.

misss_sandyy: have said this and I’ll say it again and again..if you’re from a dysfuncti0nal family say that and or if your planning to snatch another woman’s husband just go ahead and do it. Many woman are initially not upset with Yul because he picked up a second hand ashawo but the way he treated this whole thing. Same year that Queenmay lost her marriage, her son died. Yul and Judy were all over the internet trending while this woman and her kids had to get over the loss of their brother.

It’s so sad that everyone has something to say now but as women pray that what happened to Queenmay doesn’t happen to you, just then will you understand how painful it is…everyone wants to sound woke and take zero accountability. Yul cheated on his wife of 20 vears and masked it as polygamy and yall applauding it...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.>’.


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