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BREAKING NEWS: 2 Augusta children killed in house fire, local child psychology experts share grief tips

NewsChannel 6 spoke with local child psychology experts about how tragedies like a house fire on Thursday in Augusta that killed 10-year-old Ty’Asia Clifford and 7-year-old Aubrey Williams can impact their friends and classmates....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

When this kind of tragedy strikes, coping with the grief can be hard, especially for children. Experts said knowing how to console them can make a difference.

“It’s something that’s really big that has happened. First validating their feelings, the kids,” said Amber Hill, a Child Life Specialist at Doctors Hospital. “Especially if it was a close friend, I would assume they are going to have some big feelings. Some feelings that they’ve never had before as well.”

Hill said not to be afraid to use words like “death” and “dying.”

“We try to make it so, ‘they passed away’ and somethings like that,” Hill said. “So it’s really concrete and they understand, don’t be afraid to use those terms.”

Letting kids express their grief through play can also make it easier for them to share their feelings.

“So they might want to color about something, and will end up talking about their friend if it was someone that was close to them,” Hill said. “If they bring up how their friend has died, open up that conversation.”

If your child is scared about a similar tragedy possibly happening to them, provide them reassurance.

“Of how you’re going to keep them safe, and if the worst were to happen, who are the helpers that will be there to help?” Hill said.

In some cases, speaking to a professional could be the best option.

“Some kids initially will have problems sleeping or having a hard time concentrating in school. If that’s something that lasts longer than a few weeks, that’s where I would want parents to talk to pediatricians about additional measures that might help support their child,” Hill said...WATCH.THE FULL VIDEO HERE>>>

She every child and person can handle grief differently, and it’s important to know the different ways to help them.….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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