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BREAKING NEWS: TBI exhumes body of Sheriff Buford Pusser’s wife after new tip in case

The body of Pauline Pusser, the wife of “Walking Tall” Sheriff Buford Pusser, was exhumed from an Adamsville, Tenn. cemetery Thursday following a recent tip to authorities....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

Pauline Pusser was fatally shot on August 12, 1967, in McNairy County. Her husband also was wounded in the shooting but survived.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the successor to the state agency that originally investigated the shooting, said the case remains active but unresolved.

“A recent tip prompted a new review of the case file and the discovery was made that an autopsy was never performed on Mrs. Pusser’s body,” TBI said in a release. “With the support of Pauline’s family and in consultation with 25th Judicial District Attorney General Mark Davidson, TBI requested the exhumation in an attempt to answer critical questions and provide crucial information that may assist in identifying the person or persons responsible for Pauline Pusser’s death.”

The story of Sheriff Buford Pusser and his dealings with organized crime rings in McNairy County became legend, inspiring a 1974 and 2004 remake. His former home in Adamsville is now a museum..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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