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BREAKING NEWS: Escaped Oba From Assassination When 2 Of His Colleagues Were Riddled With Bullets Finally Speak

His Royal Highness Onimojo of Imojo, Ọba Olatunde Samuel Olusola and His Royal Highness, Elesun of Esun, Ọba David Babatunde Ogunsona were murdered by suspected Fulani armed men on Monday.

The Third, Alara of Ara His Royal Highness Ọba Adebayo Fatoba Escaped.

Another Yorùbá Ọba, Onikoro of Ikoro, His Royal Highness, Ọba Segun Aremu (rtd General) was also killed while his wife was abducted.

The Alara of Ara in Ikole Local Government, Ọba Fatoba who witnessed the killings of his colleagues but escaped death granted an interview with Awikonko Tv Live.

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Speaking in Yorùbá, He said: “The Ọbas were killed because of their involvement in various open and secret meetings to ward off the growing Fulani killings of innocent people in their domain.

“The murdered Ọbas and himself were outstanding in fund raising and campaign to rid the area of terrorists and armed invaders.

“We have always been concerned about the armed Fulani men in our ancestral homeland” the Alara said.

“The previous day before the attack on them, a man was killed on the previous Sunday prompting the summon of a security meeting.

“There are 25 communities in Ikole Local Government. We set up a Security Committee.

“I am the Chairman and the Associate Professor, Onimojo of Imojo was the Vice. We are concerned about the the invasion of our land by Fulani armed men”

“The slain Onimojo of Imojo had just been elevated to an Associate Professor.

“The team set out for a security meeting in Kogi and that on their return, they had wanted to branch at Irele-Ekiti but changed their mind because it was getting late into the night.

“They were heading towards Ipao-Ekiti when the armed men came from the bush to confront them. He said he saw them and realised they were armed Fulani.

While describing the attackers, He said: “The attackers held AK47 Guns, Pump action guns and daggers, they were many in number.

“It is not true that he disappeared using magical powers.

He only managed to escape and heard the rain of bullets behind him as he ran for safety.

The Akogun of Irele Èkìtì Chief Abejide Kehinde told Irohinoodua the armed men began to settle in the area about 10 years ago.

He said since then, there have been several cases of kidnapping and killings.

An Ikole local government official who does not wish to be named said the killing of the Onikoro of Koro Ekiti, General(rtd) Segun Aremu was not unconnected with his role on resisting the Fulani armed invasion.

Other local sources said Ikoro has been the epicentre for ransome payment.

“When they kidnap people from Edo, Ekiti, Kogi and Ondo, they bring them to the forest at Ikoro where they send for ransoms” Oye Adegbe a native of Egbe and hunter told Irohinoodua.

He recalled that an industrialist from Ayede Èkìtì was kidnapped 10 years ago. He said the Fulani men took the woman to the forest at Ikoro and kept her for three weeks. This was a woman who had started ethanol factory located at Itapaji Ekiti.

He said the factory employed about 50 people.

“The Fulani herdsmen kidnapped her. The chiefs came from Èkìtì to settle the Fulani inside the Ikoro forest. Two indigenes of Ipao Èkìtì, one being a former member of the Èkìtì State House of Assembly were also kidnapped on their way to Abuja.
They brought them to the Ikoro forest.

A Commissioner in Èkìtì State, Folorunso Olabode was also kidnapped. They even shot and killed his aide.

They brought him to Ikoro forest.

The traditional ruler of Obo was shot. The attackers fled to Ikoro forest.

The Ikoro forest is their fortress where they keep large arms.”

He said the Ọba of Ikoro rose against them.

“This might be the reasons why they came against him..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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