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BREAKING NEWS: Man who impregnated a girl follows her home, insist on living in her dad’s house

A man who got a girl pregnant packed his property and showed up at the girl’s house to start living there
The girl who got pregnant was still living with her parents, so they were shocked at the man’s behaviour

According to the story, which went viral on Twitter, the girl’s father promptly chased the man away, and he never returned

A man got an 18-year-old girl pregnant and attempted to go to her house to start living with her family.

As soon as he heard that the girl was pregnant, the man packed his property and went to the girl’s house.

Man gets a girl pregnant, follows her home.
The man packed his things and followed the girl home.

She was still living with her parents, and they were shocked by the man’s behaviour. Not only did he get their daughter pregnant, but he also had the audacity to say he wanted to move in.

The interesting story was posted on Twitter by Nomsajere, who said the girl involved was her elder sister.

She said her father reacted by chasing the 28-year-old man away and that the man never returned after that.

She wrote:

“A 28-year-old guy got my then 18-year-old sister pregnant. My parents were obviously upset and disappointed about it. Then this guy shows up with his belongings to our house, apparently, according to their culture, the man moves in with the pregnant girl’s family.”

Netizens got curious in the comment section and asked Nomsajere what happened after.

She said:

“My dad chased the dude out. He was furious. It’s funny now. It wasn’t funny then. He never came back. Moved out of the country. That’s the last we’ve ever heard of him.”

She said her elder sister sadly passed away, but the child lives. Her words:

“My sister sadly passed, and my niece lives with my dad. She’s always lived with my parents. She became the last born in a way.”

Social media users react as man attempts to move in with a girl

@ArapTilingi asked:

“Where did he come from?”

@AdemolaOmooba12 said:

“I have been laughing since. I do not think I can get this off my head in this remaining 2023.”.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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