Ex-Federation President Luis Rubiales taken off plane in van for questioning by Spanish authorities

Former RFEF President Luis Rubiales has been taken into the custody of the Spanish authorities upon his arrival back in Spain. It is believed he has been taken in for questioning, as part of ‘Operation Brody’,  an investigation into supposed corruption in the Spanish Football Federation....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

Rubiales has denied any wrongdoing, claims that all of his business legitimate, and that he has ‘earned’ the money in his bank account. He had been in the Dominican Republic until now, on business interests, but after police raided his house there, he returned to Spain at lunchtime on Wednesday.

The anti-corruption unit boarded the plane to speak to Rubiales, and he left the airport in a police van that was on the runway waiting for him, as per Diario AS. Two weeks ago the police also raided the RFEF headquarters, taking a further six individuals in for questioning, and placing five more under suspicion of wrongdoing.

Rubiales already has outstanding charges, for which he is due to go to trial for, after he was charged with sexual assault and coercion. The prosecution are seeking two-and-a-half years of jail-time – Rubiales has also denied any wrongdoing in that case.

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