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How To know If A Lady Is Single Without Talking To Her

1. Social media...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

If you know the woman’s name, try looking her up on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram o,r Twitter. Often, people post relationship status updates or pictures with their significant other. However, it’s important to note that not everyone is active on social media or shares their relationship status online.

2. Mutual friends.

If you have any mutual friends with the woman, you can ask them if she’s single or in a relationship. However, be mindful that this information may not be completely accurate or up-to-date.

3. Body language.

While it’s not a foolproof method, observing a woman’s body language can sometimes give hints about her relationship status. For example, if she’s wearing a wedding ring or talking about her partner, she is likely not single.

4. Dating apps.

If you’re both on a dating app, you can easily see if she’s single by checking her profile. However, this only applies if she’s actively using the app and has updated her relationship status.

Ultimately, the most reliable way to find out if a woman is single is to ask her directly. While this can be nerve-wracking, it’s important to remember that rejection is a normal part of dating and shouldn’t be taken personally. If she’s not interested or is in a relationship, it’s best to respect her decision and move on.

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