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Politicians from all tribes have stolen from Nigeria; you’re stupid if you play tribal card – Rufai Oseni

Rufai Oseni, Arise Television anchor, has taken a swipe at critics who accuse certain tribes of corruption...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

He described people who play the tribal card as stupid, adding that politicians from all tribes have stolen from Nigeria.

Oseni said the real problem of the country are the leaders that steal the people’s wealth and these politicians come in all tribes.

Taking to his X page on Friday, January 5, Oseni wrote;

“Politicians from all tribes have stolen from this country so if you play the tribal card you are stupid.

“We must think of how to be fair to all tribes and try to harmonize and build our country.

“Your true enemies are the corrupt Nigerians across every level of government.

“This childish Yoruba, Igbo narrative is getting boring. The real problem are the leaders that steal your wealth and the sad thing is they come in all tribes, the argument is boring one, missing the point of the conspiracy against the poor,” Oseni wrote.

His comment comes after a post was published and attributed to him, although the award-winning journalist denied making such post.

The post read; “The Igbos are making success and showing their beautiful mansions, while my Yoruba people are hating and bragging with Tinubu presidency and Nigeria corrupt politics, while they are still suffering. Lazy people! I’m not proud of them. Rufy Oseni”

Reacting to his posts, some Nigerians took to his comment section to share their thoughts;

@Oluwadeh: They’ve subjected us to the concept of divide and rule style using tribalism and many, still being a victim of this ideology.

@Royal_Spotlight: Hope they all understand this.

It is so unfortunate those playing tribal cards are the highest losers. Yet they refuse to understand this…

@AGINAS: The politicians are united in stealing while using the tribal card to divide the masses.

@engr_tonyul: True, but it’s also worth mentioning that some tribe have pilfered more and disproportionately compared to others. However, politicians across tribe are united in this singular goal of draining our national purse. Let’s be wise!

Politicians from all tribes have stolen from this country so if you play the tribal card you are stupid.

— oseni rufai (@ruffydfire) January 5, 2024

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