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Man recounts making money by sleeping in cemeteries; reveals Tinubu’s presidential pardon after serving jail time

A Nigerian man has shared his struggles while trying to improve his family’s financial situation...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The man, identified as Daniel Unoko, opened up about his experiences in a heartfelt interview with content creator Lucky David Udu.

He explained that when he and his 17-year-old friends were facing financial difficulties, they met an elderly man in Edo state who promised to make them rich. Despite his friends’ hesitation, Daniel was fearless and eager to become wealthy.

After returning alone to meet the man’s conditions, he slept at the shrine and in the cemetery, performing rituals before starting internet fraud in Senegal.

Daniel lived in Senegal for years, amassed a fortune, and then returned to Nigeria. However, his income dwindled, leading him to realize he had not paid the native doctor’s gratuity.

Courageously, Daniel returned to the man, who gave him a second chance under the condition of bathing with water from a corpse. After following through, his luck changed, and he began making money again, eventually thanking the man with N10 million.

A party incident led to Daniel’s arrest and a two-year prison sentence, during which he found solace in religion. He turned to Christianity, read the Bible, evangelized, and drew closer to God. Luckily, he was one of the 400 inmates granted a presidential pardon by President Bola Tinubu, leading to his release and reunion with his family.

Daniel advised young people to be patient and content, avoiding shortcuts to wealth through unethical means.

Read some social media reactions below

pretty_phelicia: “Who sabi this guy when eh get money?”

king_chooper: “But know say nor be internet fraud you do. Na ritual you do.”

ogologonwa: “Bro pick up your laptop you can still make it.”

dakings_omoefe: “Drop your former helper number and location I mean the Baba”

phills_steol: “U want to change the situation u go they lodge for hotel with babies”

iam_chichidike: “At 17, why will someone be thinking of getting rich ? When I was 17, I was thinking about what I would study at the university. Thank God he gave his life to God”

nedy_pictures: “He definitely forgot both the herbalist and his family”

lifeof_brizzylord: “I think say Edo people get sense this one lost him sense inside burial ground”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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