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Why not Lagos chapter? – Old video resurfaces as Nigerians question Prof Soyinka’s son’s membership in a UK confraternity

A video has resurfaced of Professor Wole Soyinka revealing that his son, Olaokun Soyinka, a medical doctor and former Ogun State Commissioner for Health, belongs to the Zero Meridian confraternity chapter in London...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

He made this statement when he appeared before the Oputa panel to address questions about the Pyrate confraternity he co-founded in the country.

During cross-examination, Soyinka argued that belonging to confraternities is a common practice in colleges and not an evil cult, as often misunderstood by Nigerians.

He stated: “Everyone knows that fraternities are a common tradition in all colleges. They exist in all colleges. President Clinton was a member of a fraternity. In fact, anyone who attends college in the United States is a member of a college fraternity. There is absolutely nothing evil or cult-like about fraternities.

“However, the media is largely responsible for perpetuating society’s ignorance of the terms ‘cultism’ and ‘fraternity’. This is a disservice and I have repeatedly emphasized this. There are evil cults, where members are required to prove themselves through acts like rape, slashing, cannibalism, or robbery; this has nothing to do with college fraternities.

“The media has a responsibility to consistently inform the public of the truth. Yet, they continue to mislead, resulting in children growing up believing that college fraternities are Satanic or demonic, which is incorrect.”

Nearly 23 years later, a video of Prof Soyinka admitting to initiating his son into the confraternity has resurfaced.

However, many Nigerians have questioned the elder statesman for allowing his son to join a chapter in the UK rather than in Nigeria, where violence is more prevalent.

Here are some reactions from social media.

@Aafe12072812: So u initiated ur son into d zero meridian in London, oga why u nor put am for ogun state own, dem de kill demsefs for London?

@harry_iwunze: Hmmmm London chapter ,why not Nigeria chapter, London and naija na the same format of operation?

@disaxe: Confraternity is not the same as blood cult though. Cults are private clubs and some of them do blood rituals and other sacrilegious activities.

@dixxy24: levels still dey between a UK soldier and a 9ja soldier of same rank

@Andrew_The_Khan: One thing you guys should also ask yourselves is that… Will his son be initiated in the same way as a Normal street soldier?.Watch the video below;

@limomoh: His own was initiated in London where they are really handicapped by law but gullible are here where they can be unalived at will...Continue The Full Reading.>’.


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